Given: Live Stage (November 2021)

Along with the news of Given Live yesterday, it was also announced that Given Live Stage that was scheduled this year but postponed/canceled due to COVID-19 is now set for November 2021 with no changes to the cast or staff.

Show Date:November 2021
Venue:Not Announced/No Info Yet
Tickets Goes On Sale:Not Announced/No Info Yet
Price:Not Announced/No Info Yet
Sayato Arima (as Mafuyu Sato)有馬爽人 (佐藤真冬 役)
Ryo Shibuki (as Ritsuka Uenoyama)澁木 稜 (上ノ山立夏 役)
Fuuta Sunaga (as Haruki Nakayama)須永風汰 (中山春樹 役)
Shota Kawakami (as Akihiro Kaji)川上将大 (梶 秋彦 役)
Given: Live Stage Official Poster

Links: (Official Site) (Official Goods Site)
※ Official Goods Pre-order from 9/11/2020 noon ~ 10/4 11:59pm. No plans for pre-orders after 10/5.

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