Dakaretai Otoko Ichi-i ni Odosareteimasu (2018)

Dakaretai Otoko Ichi-i ni Odosareteimasu (抱かれたい男1位に脅されています)
The anime debuted on October 5, 2018 and ran until December 8, 2018 with 13 episodes.

The title translates, roughly, as “I’m being chased/threatened by the sexiest man”. This series caught me by surprise as I had never heard of it, knew nothing about the plot or storyline and thus, watched it with very little expectation. When the anime ended, I found myself buying the manga just so I could see what happens after the anime and then re-watching the anime several more times. I still getting the feels each time I watch it… *chills in a good way*.

The main character, Takato Saijo, is an elite, prodigy actor who has been in the industry since childhood. He is self-assured, proud and a bit arrogant of his status. After all, for the last five consecutive years, he was voted the “Sexiest Man” alive, so it wouldn’t be all that surprising that he thinks quite highly of himself and his abilities.

The story begins on the day of the results for this year’s “Sexiest Man”. Takato is pretty confident of his position, but he still can’t help but want to confirm it (as his manager notes that Takato appears to be nervous). On the way to the studio set, he has his manager stop the car by a convenience store on the way so that he could pick up something sweet (but really, he wanted to check the magazines for the latest rankings).

To his shock, he came in second this year and newcomer, Junta Azumaya, took this year’s Sexiest Man. He had starred in another drama with Junta last year.

As it turns out that Junta Azumaya is also starring in the same drama with him again. That was where Takato was headed before they stopped by the convenience store. But this time, Junta has the lead role. Everyone around them are immediately enamored by their chemistry. So when Junta asks him for some advice, with Takato being the more experienced one, he gets coerced by the director and other staff to “show Junta the ropes” in the acting industry. Junta is more than enthusiastic to go out for a drink with Takato.

When Takato comes around in the next scene, he finds himself naked in bed in an unfamiliar room. Looking around, he immediately sees Junta. Junta explains that they are at his apartment and that Takato had gotten really drunk and passed out, so he took him back to his apartment. He even shows him a video as proof. Takato assumes that Junta is trying to blackmail him since he has recordings of him being excessively drunk, receiving a bribe of 1000 yen, etc. So he asks Junta, what he wants in exchange for those “blackmail” videos.

Junta, seeing an opportunity, asks Takato to sleep with him. Takato is shocked at the reply, naturally, panics and tries to run away (the comic and the anime vary a little bit on this). Though he manages to get away, he is surprised at Junta’s assertiveness and abrupt declaration.

When they are back at the studio set again, Junta is feeling quite down and messes up during one of the scenes. Takato doesn’t think much of the incident from the previous night and seeing Junto in low spirits, tries to “rally” him with some advice on acting. Junta takes the advice to heart (and beyond, applying it to the wrong aspects of what Takato was describing).

They go to shoot the next scene with Junta passionately acting out his lines with fervor (to a point that it was like him declaring his love, but in an unrelated scene). Poor Takato! ;D As soon as the scene finishes filming, Takato gives Junta a small praise. To which Junta responds overwhelmingly as a positive sign, so immediately kidnaps Takato and proposes one more time to let him make love to him. Takato relents and surprises himself as well, as he hadn’t really ever loved or wanted anyone before. It had always been about work for him.

The rest of the series explores their developing relationship, testing their trust and finding true love. Being the top two “Sexiest Man” in an industry known for gossip, they definitely do have to keep up appearances and secrets from the paparazzi.

I enjoyed some of the witty lines and comedy in the series and I can relate to Takato’s exasperation and confusion when it comes to Junta. Junta is so in love with him in such a pure way that Takato can’t believe it himself.

The manga continues more from the anime, but I almost wish that there was a season 2. There’s also some characters that were introduced near the end of the anime, it was a bit confusing why they bothered to include them. Since the manga does continue, there may still be a chance for that to happen in the future. Fingers crossed!

Cast (not full list):
Takato SaijoHiroki Takahashi (other notable roles: Emet-Selch Final Fantasy XIV)
Junta AzumayaYuki Ono (other notable roles: Kuroda Hybrid Child, Caius The Titan’s Bride)
Theme Songs:
Fukanzen Monologue by Tomohisa Sako
(不完全モノローグ – 佐香智久)
Opening Song
Chuntaka! by Yuki Ono and Hiroki Takahashi
(チュンタカ! – 小野友樹 & 高橋広樹)
Ending Song

Hashigo Sakurabi is the original creator and author of the series.
The manga was serialized in Be x Boy monthly magazine since July 2013. It is currently ongoing with up to six volumes released.
TV anime is produced by CloverWorks.

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